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 * PS3 GPU blitting test program
 * Copyright 2007 Vivien Chappelier <>
 * Copyright 2007 Peter Popov <>

#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/fb.h>
#include <asm/ps3fb.h>

#define dbg(...)

#define DEV_MEM         "/dev/mem"
#define DEV_VFB         "/dev/fb0"
#define DEV_RSX         "/dev/fb1"
#define OFFSET_VRAM     0x00000000
#define OFFSET_IOIF     0x10000000
#define OFFSET_FIFO     0x20000000
#define OFFSET_CTRL     0x30000000
#define OFFSET_REPORTS  0x0fe00000

#define barrier() asm volatile ("" : : : "memory");
#define OUT_RING(data) *(ptr)++ = (data)
#define OUT_RINGf(data) { union f2i temp; temp.f = data;  *(ptr)++ = temp.i; }
#define BEGIN_RING(chan, tag, size)   OUT_RING(((size) << 18) | ((chan) << 13) | (tag))

union f2i
  float f;
  uint32_t i;

struct resource
  void *virt;
  size_t len;

struct gpu
  int init;
  int fb_fd;
  int rsx_fd;
  int hw_id;
  uint32_t ioif;
  struct ps3fb_ioctl_res res;
  struct resource xram;
  struct resource vram;
  struct resource fifo;
  struct resource ctrl;
  struct resource reports;

typedef enum
        Z16 = 0x20,
        Z24S8 = 0x40,

typedef struct
        uint8_t clearR;
        uint8_t clearG;
        uint8_t clearB;
        uint8_t clearA;
        uint8_t clearD;
        uint32_t rgba;
        uint32_t depth;

typedef struct
        uint16_t width;
        uint16_t height;
        uint32_t pitchColor;
        uint32_t pitchDepth;
        uint32_t offsetColor;
        uint32_t offsetDepth;
        type_depth_t typeDepth;

int setup_and_voodoo( uint32_t dma_notifier, uint32_t dma_fb, uint32_t obj_3d, uint32_t *fifo_buffer, uint32_t hw_sub );
int clear_buffers( const clear_buffer_t *buffers, uint32_t *fifo, uint32_t hw_sub );
int setup_buffers( const setup_buffer_t *buffers, uint32_t *fifo, uint32_t hw_sub );

void fifo_push(struct gpu *gpu, int len);
void fifo_wait(struct gpu *gpu);
int sync_gpu(struct gpu *gpu );
uint32_t hash_handle(int channel, uint32_t handle);
uint32_t endian( uint32_t v );
uint32_t endian_fp( uint32_t v );
int gpu_init(struct gpu *gpu);
void gpu_cleanup(struct gpu *gpu);