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 - directory detection bugfix [moonlight]
 - Changed System.loadModule to loadlib to work. [Oobles]
   the same as the traditional lua loadlib function.
 - Made loadlib check if a module is already loaded before trying
   to load. [Oobles]
 - Removed getLuaState export. No longer required. [Oobles]
 - Made debugOutput work in the same way as printf in bootstrap. [Oobles]
 - Added loadlib.prx kernel module. required for module loading. [Oobles]

v0.18alpha (blame Oobles for all changes)
 - Moved all kernel dependant code into bootstrap code.
 - Moved all of luaplayer into a user mode prx module.
 - Removed the stdio redirection.
 - Made runScript return its error message to main.
 - Exported all lua functions from luaplayer module.
 - Made debugOutput work in the same was as printf.
 - Added System.loadModule function to dynamically load LRX modules.
 - Added an example simple.lrx module as template.
 - Changed Makefiles to support new bootstrap code.
 - Added an example sound.lrx module which moves all sound out
   of main luaplayer.  In theory could remove it completely from
   luaplayer and load it only when required.  Same could apply
   for other modules.

 - Wlan.useConnectionConfig bugfix: doesn't lock up anymore on error [Elxx]

v0.16 (all changes for this version by Shine)
 - Wlan:getIPAddress bugfix: now it returns nil on error and the
   IP address otherwise
 - DNS resolving. Now you can write
   Socket.connect("", 80) instead of
   Socket.connect("", 80),
   thanks to ideas how to use the resolver lib from PSPRadio
 - when loading JPEGs, the file was not closed
 - System.md5sum bugfixing for the Windows version
 - Wlan.useConnectionConfig index is 1 based instead of 0 based, like usual in Lua
 - System.powerTick added: this prevents power off, now you can nail
   your PSP on a wall for your electronic painting :-)
 - System.createDirectory, System.removeDirectory and System.removeFile added

 - timer bug fixed (was bug in PSPSDK) [mrbrown]
 - wlan socket support (based on PspPet's "WiFi Multi-Test .03") [Shine]
 - changed sceGu* and sceGum* functions to Gu.* and Gum.* [Shine]
 - System.getFreeMemory added [Shine]
 - Freetype added, with 2 default fonts (see for the licence) [Shine]

 - IrDA support [Shine]
 - Windows Emulator [sweetlilmre]
     sceIoD* functionality added for System.listDirectory().
     sceGuClearColor and sceGuClear implemented.
     flicker reduction via GL / PSP drawing sync
     attempt to improve sound sync by yeilding in glutIdleFunc() func.
 - possible signed bug for timer fixed [Shine]

 - screen:clear bugfix (was always black) [Shine]
 - updated Windows version with sound [sweetlilmre]
 - JPEG image/screen load and save functionality [Shine]

 - pixel format changed to true color [Durante / Shine]
 - initial GU mapping [Shine]

v0.11 (all changes for this version by Shine)
 - Added System.md5sum and filelist.txt debug ouput on startup failure in boot.lua
 - changed case sensitivity handling in boot.lua for problems with Windows 98
 - now Image.createEmpty accepts 512x512 pixel sizes
 - internal image width and height needs not to be the same size
 - max image size can be 512x512 now (larger are not allowed with GU blit)
 - System.sioInit, sioWrite and sioRead implemented for serial port support
   (see and
    for information about the hardware interface)
 - new Timer class and System.sleep function
 - fixed timezone bug
 - moved Starfield and SIO Echo example to Applications

 - Added the "Bitwise operators and hexadecimal support" patch from :
        - Hexadecimal support for 0xXXX in numeric literals. 
        - Hexadecimal support for '\xXX' characters within strings. 
        - Infix bitwise operators for AND (&), OR (|) and XOR (#). 
        - Unary bitwise negation using # alone.  [Shine]
 - Changed the number type to float (more than 4 times faster calculations) 
   (requires recompilation of the lua libraries from svn) [Shine]
 - "save" function writes PNG format now [Shine]
 - Restructured files into src/ [Nevyn]
 - Changed the main script file to System/system.lua [Nevyn]
 - Rewrote the Makefiles and readmes to be more user-friendly.  [Nevyn]
 - Changed startup load sequence (see the lua dev readme) [Nevyn]
 - Made a procedure for making standalone LP apps [Nevyn]
 - keyboard mapping fixed in PC version [Shine]
 - bitmask operations added in controls class [Shine]
 - added battery functions to System
 - os.time() returns a userdata instead of a number because of problems
   with the float-precision, so you have to use os.difftime instead of
   doing calculations with the result
- bugfixing clearImage and clearScreen [Shine]
- sceKernelDcacheWritebackInvalidateAll only needed before sceGu functions, when reading modified main memory [Shine]
- speed improved for fillImageRect, fillScreenRect, blitAlphaImageToImage, blitImageToImage and drawLine [Shine]

 - Added sound and music through mikmodlib
 - Redesigned the API (note: apps made for =<0.6 will need to be rewritten)
 - Updated Lowser to 0.15
 - Added functions for USB disk mode
 - Added samples for music, rotation, fractal
v0.6 and earlier