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<title>curl_multi_init man page</title>
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<p class="level0"><a name="NAME"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">NAME</h2>
<p class="level0">curl_multi_init - create a multi handle <a name="SYNOPSIS"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">SYNOPSIS</h2>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">#include &lt;curl/curl.h&gt;</span>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">CURLM *curl_multi_init( );</span>
<p class="level0"><a name="DESCRIPTION"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">DESCRIPTION</h2>
<p class="level0">This function returns a CURLM handle to be used as input to all the other multi-functions, sometimes referred to as a multi handle on some places in the documentation. This init call MUST have a corresponding call to <a class="emphasis" href="./curl_multi_cleanup.html">curl_multi_cleanup(3)</a> when the operation is complete. <a name="RETURN"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">RETURN VALUE</h2>
<p class="level0">If this function returns NULL, something went wrong and you cannot use the other curl functions. <a name="SEE"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">SEE ALSO</h2>
<p class="level0"><a class="manpage" href="./curl_multi_cleanup.html">curl_multi_cleanup (3)</a> <a class="manpage" href="./curl_global_init.html"> curl_global_init (3)</a> <a class="manpage" href="./curl_easy_init.html"> curl_easy_init (3)</a>
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