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327 5330d 21h /tags/arelease/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'arelease'.  
325 5330d 21h /branches/GNU/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'GNU'.  
324 5330d 21h evilo /trunk/neocdps2/ Initial revision  
323 5339d 23h pixel /trunk/altimit/ee/loader/ Please, never assume softwares are under your path ;-)  
322 5340d 22h nicolasp /trunk/quake1_ps2/irx/ PS2SDK usb mouse/keyboard module  
318 5340d 23h nicolasp /trunk/quake1_ps2/ Initial revision  
317 5345d 05h t0mb0la /trunk/altimit/ Still a long way to go. Some extra configuration option buttons added.
Efforts have been made to reduce the size of the final elf, for the moment the main buttons have been disabled. I shrunk the font from 32bit to 8bit and changed the majority of arrays to malloc'd pointers.
Tried to improve PAL display modes to better fill the screen, need to make better use of the full screen. Some (lol) minor bug fixes.
Still need to finalise how 'applications' are to be installed; memory card formatting and hdd formatting/partitioning; and many other things.
Version number remains unchanged, this is still very much a work in progress. I just wanted to make my current updates available to those helping in its development.
316 5352d 02h tyranid /trunk/TGE/iop/dmarelay/ Made to use PS2SDK (instead of PS2DRV), finished smap side of the relay
even if it is not used.
315 5352d 02h tyranid /trunk/TGE/iop/intrelay/ Made to use PS2SDK  
314 5370d 10h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ unified ftp messages & merged parts of the parsing, shaving 2k of final irx  
313 5371d 09h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ Added command SIZE <file>  
312 5371d 18h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ Improved error-handling for commandline-parser a little.
Commands MODE & STRU for default-values implemented.
Unified error-messages a little to bring down footprint a little.
Implemented restart-markers for resuming transfers.
Added commands REST & APPE, and added restart-support to RETR & STOR.
311 5373d 15h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/src/ some build-fixes from previous commit  
310 5374d 00h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ Added Rules.make to remove all remaining dependecies on $PS2SDKSRC.
Simplified command-parsing.
Renamed SITE MOUNT(MNT) and UMOUNT(UMNT) to fit new command-parsing.
Added commandline-parsing and a few options.
Implemented basic authentication. (l/p ps2dev/ps2dev)
309 5375d 21h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/src/ fixed protection-bit parsing in lists
padded dates in lists
cleaned up code
some fixes
308 5376d 10h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ applied compiler patch from Eric Lauriault, thanks! (fixes compatibility with ps2sdk)  
307 5376d 19h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/src/ quick fixes to shape up linux building  
306 5376d 19h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ improved directory listing
split FtpClients.c into two files to see if it improves stability
some fixes
305 5377d 10h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/src/ fixed really weird crashbug with open() ... compiler issues?  
304 5378d 20h chip /trunk/ps2ftpd/ fixed ps2sdk compatibility issues  

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