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598 4172d 09h dave_t /trunk/SMS/docs/ SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.2) Documentation - added Russian translation of user manual.  
597 4243d 06h dave_t /trunk/SMS/docs/ SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.2) Documentation - added SMB section, faq, manual subtitles, and other minor updates.  
596 4250d 18h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.2)  
595 4254d 08h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.1) - updated network drivers  
594 4257d 11h dave_t /trunk/SMS/docs/ SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.1) Documentation - added installation overview, bootable CD/DVD, other minor updates.  
593 4258d 08h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS Version 2.1 (Rev.1)  
592 4267d 09h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS Version 2.1  
591 4280d 10h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS Version 2.0 (Rev.4)  
590 4307d 18h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS 2.0 (Rev.2)  
589 4307d 19h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS 2.0 (Rev.2)  
588 4316d 19h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS 2.0  
587 4327d 22h Herben /trunk/ps2ftpd/src/ Modified FileSystem.c to allow it to work correctly with ROM IOMAN, old IOMANX and new IOMANX.  
586 4369d 12h eeug /trunk/SMS/drv/SMSMB/ SMS 1.9  
585 4369d 13h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS 1.9  
584 4383d 17h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS 1.8 (Rev.4)  
583 4395d 19h evilo /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ why does SVN Skipped those files ?  
582 4397d 10h evilo /trunk/LuaPlayer/ forgot those ones..  
581 4397d 10h evilo /trunk/LuaPlayer/ 0.20R3 - first check-in into the repository  
580 4430d 10h eeug /trunk/SMS/ SMS 1.8 (Rev.2)  
579 4432d 19h eeug /trunk/SMS/src/ SMS 1.8 (Rev.1) - m3u bug fix  

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