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30 3046d 04h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/scripts/ Fixed a typo.  
29 3047d 10h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Updated to the latest versions of binutils, gcc and newlib.  
28 3559d 21h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/depends/ Added more localtions to search for libmpfr and libgmp3.  
27 4070d 03h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Added libgmp3 and libmpfr to the readme.  
26 4101d 18h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Removed some unneeded packages from the ps3toolchain readme.  
25 4108d 16h jim /trunk/linux/ps3vram/ Set svn:eol-style to "native" so _everyone_ can read the README :)  
24 4112d 21h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Removed some unneeded depends scripts.
Downgraded ppu-binutils to 2.17 to avoid some weird bugs.
You can now specify specific steps to run.
Other minor changes.
23 4113d 22h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Added: --disable-nls
Added checks for libmpfr and libgmp3.
Work started on porting newlib to the PPU.
22 4116d 12h warren /trunk/linux/ps3vram/ Make readme use CRLF line endings so people on Windows can read it  
21 4116d 13h warren /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Make readme use CRLF line endings so people on Windows can read it  
20 4116d 19h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Finally, a working toolchain.  
19 4116d 22h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/scripts/ In progress.  
18 4116d 22h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/scripts/ In progress.  
17 4117d 00h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ In progress.  
16 4117d 00h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/scripts/ In progress.  
15 4117d 01h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/scripts/ In progress.  
14 4118d 02h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Newlib for the spu, and C++ support in spu-gcc.  
13 4118d 03h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/scripts/ Now builds spu-gcc properly, however it hasn't been tested.  
12 4121d 01h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/patches/ Some further optimization of patch size.  
11 4121d 01h oopo /trunk/ps3toolchain/ Using binutils-2.17.50 as a baseline now.  

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