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197 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/src/fifo/ sync  
196 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/data/ shader fix  
195 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/data/ shader fix  
194 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/tools/toolshaderf/ shader fix  
193 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/src/shaders/ shader len  
192 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ animation  
191 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/src/init/ glaurung module integration  
190 4223d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/src/init/ps3rsx/ glaurung module integration  
189 4255d 00h glaurung /trunk/libps3rsx/ Refactor for ps3rsx kernel module:
- simplify gpu initialization and tear down
- add object hashing and creation functions
- add support for arbitrary hardware context and GPU_IOIF location
- use 0xfeed0007 object handle for 3D as 0xfeed0003 may be used by HV
188 4258d 23h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ no longer double buffer frame buffer & console blanking fixed for root user  
187 4262d 20h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ fixed so that the output is single buffered which is enforced by the kernel needed for the 2.1 firmware  
186 4268d 22h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/src/fifo/ patch by Rubanets Myroslav  
185 4269d 00h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_triangle/ fix bug  
184 4269d 00h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/ if cleanup  
183 4273d 15h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ pointing latest.patch to latest  
182 4273d 15h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ Mostly format & typo fixing - no functional changes from r15  
181 4274d 08h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ Testing mplayer vo_ps3 patch r15  
180 4277d 00h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/tools/toolshaderf/ bugfix  
179 4277d 23h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/tools/toolshaderv/ warnings  
178 4277d 23h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/data/ data  

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