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56 4417d 19h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ Misc updates and testing to get win32 version running  
55 4418d 05h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ Misc updates. Now links on win32  
54 4424d 16h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ Updated README with "on hold" note  
53 4425d 03h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ Misc changes. Added TinyPTC code (used for Win32 display) also added initial main code.  
52 4425d 03h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/Win32/tinyptc/ Added tinyptc dir  
51 4425d 04h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ Whole libavformat now builds under msvc  
50 4425d 07h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ libavcodec now compiles under msvc  
49 4425d 12h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ffmpeg/ More msvc compiler fixes  
48 4425d 15h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ More msvc fixes  
46 4426d 03h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ffmpeg/include/ Added inttypes.h (used by msvc)  
45 4426d 03h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/Win32/ Added them for real this time!  
44 4426d 03h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/Win32/ Added msvc 2005 projects  
43 4426d 03h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ffmpeg/libavcodec/ More msvc fixes. Added msvc-2005 projects  
41 4426d 13h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ffmpeg/ More msvc compile fixes  
38 4427d 11h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ffmpeg/libavcodec/ Misc fixes for msvc. Still not complete yet  
37 4427d 11h emoon /trunk/TinyMediaPlayer/ffmpeg/libavutil/ libavutil now builds in msvc  
32 4429d 21h emoon /trunk/ Renamed ps3mediaplayer to TinyMediaPlayer (Name fits much better of what the project intends to be)  
31 4430d 05h emoon /trunk/ps3mediaplayer/ Initial commit of ps3mediaplayer. Currently this is mostly a commit of the ffmpeg source code with a basic readme. See the readme for more info about this project.