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88 3787d 06h unsolo /trunk/libps3fb/ added feature ps3fb_getnum_frames to retrive the number of frame buffers  
85 3789d 03h unsolo /trunk/libps3fb/ added ps3fb_getXoff() ps3fb_getYoff() for non fullscreen alignement purposes  
81 3793d 01h unsolo /trunk/libps3fb/ libps3fb now configure make make installs and works with the mplayervo  
77 3794d 05h unsolo /trunk/libfb/ fixed extern C ifdef __cplusplus  
17 3960d 05h warren /trunk/libfb/ Added extern C for C++ code  
16 3961d 15h warren /trunk/libfb/ lets try the Id keyword again shall we?  
15 3961d 15h warren /trunk/libfb/ Initial version of libfb for the PS3
Should facilitate making programs that use the Framebuffer directly