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212 3540d 08h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_fx/ minor cleanup  
210 3541d 06h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_fx/ fx  
209 3541d 06h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_fx/ fx  
206 3541d 06h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_fx/ fx support  
204 3541d 06h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/ fx support  
202 3548d 09h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ small sync change  
201 3548d 09h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/ single buffering fix  
200 3551d 15h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ rename  
198 3551d 15h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ sync  
192 3551d 16h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ animation  
189 3583d 08h glaurung /trunk/libps3rsx/ Refactor for ps3rsx kernel module:
- simplify gpu initialization and tear down
- add object hashing and creation functions
- add support for arbitrary hardware context and GPU_IOIF location
- use 0xfeed0007 object handle for 3D as 0xfeed0003 may be used by HV
185 3597d 08h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_triangle/ fix bug  
184 3597d 09h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/ if cleanup  
173 3606d 09h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ pixel shaders  
165 3608d 11h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ dma  
161 3609d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ vertex shader support  
158 3609d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ example changed  
153 3611d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ new example  
152 3611d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ new example  
151 3611d 07h ironpeter /trunk/libps3rsx/examples/simple_dxt/ new example  

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