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188 3470d 17h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ no longer double buffer frame buffer & console blanking fixed for root user  
187 3474d 14h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ fixed so that the output is single buffered which is enforced by the kernel needed for the 2.1 firmware  
183 3485d 09h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ pointing latest.patch to latest  
182 3485d 09h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ Mostly format & typo fixing - no functional changes from r15  
181 3486d 03h wgarret /trunk/mplayer-vo/ Testing mplayer vo_ps3 patch r15  
98 3532d 15h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ mplayer vo ps3 patch r8 added  
97 3533d 06h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ track to latest file added.  
96 3533d 06h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ OSD should work now  
95 3533d 14h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ new mplayer patch r4 added  
89 3545d 17h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ added new patch that allows for non fullscreen modes and honors the -fs flag in mplayer  
86 3547d 13h unsolo /trunk/mplayer-vo/ mplayer patch that works with libps3fb and spu-medialib see NOTES for further information