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2463 3711d 16h jim /trunk/libbulletml/src/ Patch from xantares
2462 3715d 15h jim /trunk/ ignore generated files  
2461 3715d 15h jim /trunk/tests/SDL/ Add BUILD_PRX for new firmware  
2460 3737d 21h tyranid /trunk/psplinkusb/psplink/ Added missing restore instructions for lo/hi registers  
2459 3748d 02h tyranid /trunk/prxtool/ Added back section header loading for ELF types where there might be no program headers  
2458 3779d 17h tyranid /trunk/prxtool/ Fixed a probably memory overwrite bug  
2457 3779d 17h tyranid /trunk/prxtool/ Added patch from hnaves for support of the new style relocations and a minor fix to the disassembler  
2456 3779d 19h jim /trunk/zziplib/zzip/ patch from Beuc,  
2455 3821d 16h jim /trunk/psplinkusb/usbgdb/ Fix missing include  
2454 3827d 07h jim /trunk/pspirkeyb/  
2453 3827d 07h jim /trunk/psplinkusb/usbgdb/  
2452 3856d 15h jim /trunk/pspsdk/ Set svn:eol-style to LF for this file, see  
2451 3874d 22h oopo /trunk/pspirkeyb/libpspirkeyb/config/ SVN "broken" for case-insensitive OSes (Windows)

Removed old ini file, renamed newer but weird-case ini file.
2450 3879d 14h oopo /trunk/pspsdk/src/debug/ _pspDebugScreenClearLine patch
Provided by NoEffex
2449 3899d 20h oopo /trunk/psptoolchain/ Fixed a typo in the readme.  
2448 3903d 16h jim /trunk/pspsdk/src/umd/ add documentation patch from phobox
2447 3909d 07h oopo /trunk/psptoolchain/ Updated with Ubuntu 8.10 workarounds.  
2446 3932d 19h iwn /trunk/pspsdk/src/libc/ Reverted my last commit.  
2445 3933d 15h iwn /trunk/pspsdk/src/ Reverted the change to libcglue.c as it broke installation.  
2444 3935d 12h oopo /trunk/aalib/src/ An aalib patch to fix a compiling error.
Provided by CHERTS.

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