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2297 4200d 09h tyranid / Moved psplinkusb to trunk  
2263 4257d 07h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/usbhostfs/ Now I am getting mad ;)  
2262 4257d 07h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/usbhostfs/ More fixes, dumb dumb gcc  
2261 4257d 07h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/usbhostfs/ Fix for newer gcc dumbness  
2226 4323d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/ Updated version numbers in bootstraps  
2225 4323d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/ Changed version in README  
2224 4323d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/scripts/ Removed some dead scripts  
2223 4323d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/ Cleaned up the document somewhat  
2222 4323d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/pspsh/ Added new style environment variable usage (so as not to conflict with register syntax)  
2213 4341d 15h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/psplink/ Added special mod pseudo register, fix for findhex, added import hooking for certain apihooks  
2205 4365d 10h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/pspsh/ Prefix negation fix  
2204 4366d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/tools/remotejoy/ New style of function hooking for everything, code size reduction and also reduces complexity  
2201 4368d 07h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/tools/remotejoy/ Added support for back buffers and for when the app does not set the frame buffer, we will poll the screen every 100ms  
2200 4369d 06h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/ Some minor stuff and added saving of directory on reboot for newer firmwares  
2191 4379d 09h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/windows/driver_x64/ Added the Windows x64 driver posted by DeNitro  
2189 4381d 15h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/ Performance fixes ?  
2187 4385d 08h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/tools/remotejoy/pcsdl/ Added basic font and FPS display  
2186 4385d 23h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/tools/remotejoy/ Move fixups etc.  
2184 4390d 01h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/pspsh/ Removed some commented code  
2183 4390d 01h tyranid /branches/psplinkusb/tools/ Removed plugin version as not needed anymore  

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