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350 4884d 06h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Improved the module loading mechanism. Now uses the traditional loadlib( module, init ) method normally used by Lua. All changes recorded in changelog.  
349 4885d 04h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ directory detection bugfix  
348 4886d 14h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ bugfixing 1.0 version target  
347 4886d 14h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/bootstrap/ new version  
346 4898d 15h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Add PRX_EXPORTS to makefile. Required for module loading.
Fix debug display reset so restarts of player will display errors.
345 4899d 05h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Lots of changes, mostly involving putting luaplayer into a usermode PRX and bootstraping it via a kernel mode EBOOT. This allows luaplayer to load PRX modules for dynamic extension of luaplayer. All changes in CHANGELOG.  
344 4902d 05h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Not using a seperate lua prx any longer. File not required.  
343 4903d 12h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Add a function to get the current LuaState to be exported as part of luaplayer.prx.  
342 4903d 12h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Fixed the function signature for io_devctl.  
341 4903d 12h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Update some constants that are no longer valid.  
340 4939d 21h tyranid /trunk/libcurl/ Added a port of libcurl based on danzel's original patches, but cleaned up slightly.  
339 4963d 16h rinco /trunk/abrick/ abrick - link in vorbisidec (perhaps this should be done by sdl-config?)  
338 4963d 23h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Wlan.useConnectionConfig bugfix  
337 4964d 12h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/luaprx/ Separate the lua library into a PRX. First step to allowing dynamically loaded libraries.  
336 4970d 01h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/auxiliary/ removed comment  
335 4971d 09h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ bugfixes and more System functions  
334 4973d 15h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/emulator/ md5 endianess bugfix  
333 4993d 10h mrbrown /trunk/rRootage/src/ Forgot to remove these lines in r331.  
332 4993d 10h mrbrown /trunk/rRootage/src/ Remove bad PSP resolution hacks. Restore the 4:3 aspect ratio and center the
screen. The game should now play just like the original.
331 4993d 15h mrbrown /trunk/rRootage/src/ Remove the direct call to sceKernelExitGame(), because SDL handles it for us.  

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