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13 5168d 02h warren /tags/PRE_PSPSDK/ Last Version before port to PSPSDK v1.0  
12 5168d 02h warren /tags/ tagged wrong  
11 5168d 02h warren /tags/pspware/ Last Version before port to PSPSDK v1.0  
10 5168d 02h warren /tags/ Added Tags dir so we can tag releases  
9 5168d 02h adresd /PSPMediaCenter/ fixed buffering on ogg files. cleanup  
8 5168d 14h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Please run 'make indent' before commiting. If we want to change the indent args, that's fine but it's good to keep it standard.  
7 5168d 17h adresd /PSPMediaCenter/ update to v0.7. Many changes to makefile etc. Added AHX  
6 5170d 00h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Merged adresd's modplayer fixes
Started xvid test (ugly #ifdef in pspmc.c - only temporary)
Added newlib-fix to fix some missing things from newlib, should probably go into psplibc at some point, some of it may already be fixed in new ver of PSPSDK, not sure.
5 5171d 12h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Changed OGG back to on demand decoding.
Added release make target
Added Readme
4 5171d 12h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Cleaned up code a lot, made all modules conform to standard function stubs.
Wanted to commit before changing ogg code back from prebuffer.
3 5171d 17h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Added svnignore for Thumbs.db and *.elf  
2 5171d 17h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Fixed so things actually compile.
Added adresd's modplayer source
1 5171d 17h warren /PSPMediaCenter/ Initial version with MOD, MP3 and partial OGG support.
Based on ModPlayer by adresd
Uses libmad and libTremor from 'psp' svn repository