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361 4166d 05h jim /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ remove GU_COLOR_RES? constants, since they were removed from pspgu.h
in rev 2193.
360 4186d 07h oopo /trunk/libcurl/ Added CFLAGS=-G0 as pointed out by kerm.
359 4384d 11h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ some credits  
358 4384d 11h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ changes for building version 0.20 for Windows  
357 4553d 10h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ some bugfixes and memory source images  
356 4554d 03h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ gcc 4.1 and lua 5.1 update  
355 4594d 03h jim /trunk/libcurl/ Replace hardcoded paths with psp-config  
354 4607d 02h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ added new module sample  
353 4607d 02h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ fixed the effect module bug and polished the sample  
352 4607d 03h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ a modules for demonstrating how to manipulate Image objects. This should work, but parameter passing to Lua Player modules doesn't work.  
351 4613d 16h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/modules/sound/ Oops. Need to make luamodule.h extern C.  
350 4613d 16h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Improved the module loading mechanism. Now uses the traditional loadlib( module, init ) method normally used by Lua. All changes recorded in changelog.  
349 4614d 15h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ directory detection bugfix  
348 4616d 00h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ bugfixing 1.0 version target  
347 4616d 00h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/bootstrap/ new version  
346 4628d 01h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Add PRX_EXPORTS to makefile. Required for module loading.
Fix debug display reset so restarts of player will display errors.
345 4628d 16h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Lots of changes, mostly involving putting luaplayer into a usermode PRX and bootstraping it via a kernel mode EBOOT. This allows luaplayer to load PRX modules for dynamic extension of luaplayer. All changes in CHANGELOG.  
344 4631d 16h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Not using a seperate lua prx any longer. File not required.  
343 4632d 22h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Add a function to get the current LuaState to be exported as part of luaplayer.prx.  
342 4632d 22h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/src/ Fixed the function signature for io_devctl.  

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