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350 4884d 06h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Improved the module loading mechanism. Now uses the traditional loadlib( module, init ) method normally used by Lua. All changes recorded in changelog.  
349 4885d 04h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ directory detection bugfix  
345 4899d 05h Oobles /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Lots of changes, mostly involving putting luaplayer into a usermode PRX and bootstraping it via a kernel mode EBOOT. This allows luaplayer to load PRX modules for dynamic extension of luaplayer. All changes in CHANGELOG.  
335 4971d 09h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ bugfixes and more System functions  
291 5006d 01h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Freetype added  
290 5006d 08h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ new Gu and Gum module and some cleanups  
283 5018d 17h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ adding IRDA support  
279 5018d 23h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ converting to c++ and minor changes  
234 5068d 00h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ new timer class, examples etc.  
232 5068d 04h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ added SIO support  
215 5083d 11h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Added System.md5sum and filelist.txt debug ouput on startup failure in boot.lua  
213 5090d 02h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ added controls and system functions and constants and the minesweeper game  
185 5105d 09h nevyn /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Restructured the file hierarchy. The Makefile is slightly updated to at least work with the new structure, but it will be entirely rewritten eventually.  
147 5120d 20h nevyn /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Updated Lowser to the new API, fixed a bug in lua_dir()  
143 5121d 17h nevyn /trunk/LuaPlayer/ Added looping, pausing and resuming for music and samples. Renamed USB functions to match functionality. Sample resuming crashes, so disabled...  
141 5122d 14h shine /trunk/LuaPlayer/ bugfixes, scripts changed to new API and USB support added  
140 5122d 18h nevyn /trunk/LuaPlayer/ This is a big one. The entire API is redesigned (see doc/functions.txt). Sound is stabilized. Analog stick is readable. Image, Sound, Color and Controls are garbage collected.