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278 4994d 14h rinco /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ noiz2sa - all surfaces to be hwsurface (except smokeBuf)  
277 4994d 15h rinco /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ ... and fix 640x480  
276 4994d 15h rinco /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ noiz2sa - revert videoflags  
275 4997d 18h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Back out lowres hacks. The code wins this round.  
274 4997d 19h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Another lowres param adjusted.  
273 4997d 19h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ First steps at a lowres mode (320x240). Not fully working yet. Use "make
LOWRES=1" to enable.
272 4997d 20h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Wrap PSP_SCREEN around a stray line to fix fonts at full res.  
271 4997d 20h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Wrap the PSP-specific screen settings around PSP_SCREEN. Use "make
PSP_SCREEN=1" or edit the Makefile to enable the PSP screen resolution.
270 4997d 20h rinco /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ noiz2sa - resume music with triangle  
269 4997d 22h rinco /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ noiz2sa
- changed res to 480x272, resized and repositioned text
- use SDL surfaces... and SDL_FillRect for drawBox... SDL_Blit whenever possible
- only blit left and right panels when they are updated
- extra buttons now pause music
263 5005d 10h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Remove the debugging printf's.  
262 5006d 05h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Link against libTremor. Although music plays smoothly the game is still too
slow when music is enabled. Time to do a bit of exploring.
261 5006d 06h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Link against the libvorbis and libogg libraries. Makes the game slow to a
crawl, as expected.
260 5006d 16h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Disable exceptions.  
259 5006d 17h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Remove doubles from the FoeCommand class.  
258 5006d 17h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Remove doubles. initDegutil() in degutil.c causes the game to crash when Quit
is selected if converted to floats, so leaving this one alone for now. The
remaining doubles can't be removed until libBulletML has doubles removed.
257 5006d 18h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Allow the Start button to start the game and return to the main menu after the
game is over or the stage is cleared.
256 5006d 18h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Remap the buttons so that X and Tri fire (button 1), and O and Square are the
slow button (button 2).

Allow input from the D-pad.
255 5006d 19h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Pass error and informational messages to the screen.

Initialize SDL video with a software surface to support 640x480, fullscreen.
254 5006d 20h mrbrown /trunk/noiz2sa/src/ Get Noiz2sa to build.  

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