Event Functions.

Table of Contents
SDL_PumpEvents — Pumps the event loop, gathering events from the input devices.
SDL_PeepEvents — Checks the event queue for messages and optionally returns them.
SDL_PollEvent — Polls for currently pending events.
SDL_WaitEvent — Waits indefinitely for the next available event.
SDL_PushEvent — Pushes an event onto the event queue
SDL_SetEventFilter — Sets up a filter to process all events before they are posted to the event queue.
SDL_GetEventFilter — Retrieves a pointer to he event filter
SDL_EventState — This function allows you to set the state of processing certain events.
SDL_GetKeyState — Get a snapshot of the current keyboard state
SDL_GetModState — Get the state of modifier keys.
SDL_SetModState — Set the current key modifier state
SDL_GetKeyName — Get the name of an SDL virtual keysym
SDL_EnableUNICODE — Enable UNICODE translation
SDL_EnableKeyRepeat — Set keyboard repeat rate.
SDL_GetMouseState — Retrieve the current state of the mouse
SDL_GetRelativeMouseState — Retrieve the current state of the mouse
SDL_GetAppState — Get the state of the application
SDL_JoystickEventState — Enable/disable joystick event polling