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#define VMAT0   (1<<0)
#define VMAT1   (1<<1)
#define VMAT2   (1<<2)
#define VMAT3   (1<<3)
#define VMAT4   (1<<4)
#define VMAT5   (1<<5)
#define VMAT6   (1<<6)
#define VMAT7   (1<<7)
#define VFPU_ALIGNMENT   (sizeof(float) * 4) /* alignment required for VFPU matrix loads and stores */


typedef unsigned char vfpumatrixset_t


struct pspvfpu_contextpspvfpu_initcontext (void)
 Prepare to use the VFPU.
void pspvfpu_deletecontext (struct pspvfpu_context *context)
 Delete a VFPU context.
void pspvfpu_use_matrices (struct pspvfpu_context *context, vfpumatrixset_t keepset, vfpumatrixset_t tempset)
 Use a set of VFPU matrices.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define VFPU_ALIGNMENT   (sizeof(float) * 4) /* alignment required for VFPU matrix loads and stores */

Referenced by pspvfpu_initcontext().

#define VMAT0   (1<<0)
#define VMAT1   (1<<1)
#define VMAT2   (1<<2)
#define VMAT3   (1<<3)
#define VMAT4   (1<<4)
#define VMAT5   (1<<5)
#define VMAT6   (1<<6)
#define VMAT7   (1<<7)

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char vfpumatrixset_t

Function Documentation

void pspvfpu_deletecontext ( struct pspvfpu_context context)

Delete a VFPU context.

This frees the resources used by the VFPU context.

contextThe VFPU context to be deleted.

References free(), i, NMAT, and NULL.

struct pspvfpu_context* pspvfpu_initcontext ( void  )

Prepare to use the VFPU.

This set's the calling thread's VFPU attribute, and returns a pointer to some VFPU state storage. The initial value all all VFPU matrix registers is undefined.

A VFPU context

References c, memalign(), NULL, pspvfpu_context::owned, PSP_THREAD_ATTR_VFPU, sceKernelChangeCurrentThreadAttr(), pspvfpu_context::valid, and VFPU_ALIGNMENT.

void pspvfpu_use_matrices ( struct pspvfpu_context context,
vfpumatrixset_t  keepset,
vfpumatrixset_t  tempset 

Use a set of VFPU matrices.

This restores the parts of the VFPU state the caller wants restored (if necessary). If the caller was the previous user of the the matrix set, then this call is effectively a no-op. If a matrix has never been used by this context before, then it will initially have an undefined value.

contextThe VFPU context the caller wants to restore from. It is valid to pass NULL as a context. This means the caller wants to reserve a temporary matrix without affecting other VFPU users, but doesn't want any long-term matrices itself.
keepsetThe set of matrices the caller wants to use, and keep the values persistently.
tempsetA set of matrices the callers wants to use temporarily, but doesn't care about the values in the long-term.

References c, NULL, pspvfpu_context::owned, and pspvfpu_context::valid.