sio.c File Reference
#include <pspkernel.h>
#include <pspdebug.h>
#include <pspsyscon.h>
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#define PSP_UART4_FIFO   0xBE500000
#define PSP_UART4_STAT   0xBE500018
#define PSP_UART4_DIV1   0xBE500024
#define PSP_UART4_DIV2   0xBE500028
#define PSP_UART4_CTRL   0xBE50002C
#define PSP_UART_CLK   96000000
#define PSP_UART_TXFULL   0x20
#define PSP_UART_RXEMPTY   0x10


int sceHprmEnd (void)
int sceSysregUartIoEnable (int uart)
void pspDebugSioPutchar (int ch)
 Put a character to the remote sio.
int pspDebugSioGetchar (void)
 Get a character from the remote sio.
void pspDebugSioPuts (const char *str)
 Write a string to the sio port.
int pspDebugSioPutData (const char *data, int len)
 Write a set of data to the sio port.
int pspDebugSioPutText (const char *data, int len)
 Write a set of data to the sio port converting single line feeds to CRLF and single CR to CRLF.
void pspDebugSioSetBaud (int baud)
 Set the baud rate of the SIO, e.g.
void pspDebugSioInit (void)
 Initialise the remote SIO port (defaults to 4800 8N1).
void pspDebugEnablePutchar (void)
 Enable debug character output.
void pspDebugSioInstallKprintf (void)
 Install a kprintf debug putchar handler.
void pspDebugSioEnableKprintf (void)
 Enable the kprintf handler (once installed)
void pspDebugSioDisableKprintf (void)
 Disable the kprintf handler (once installed)


u32 sceKernelRemoveByDebugSection

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PSP_UART4_CTRL   0xBE50002C

Referenced by pspDebugSioSetBaud().

#define PSP_UART4_DIV1   0xBE500024

Referenced by pspDebugSioSetBaud().

#define PSP_UART4_DIV2   0xBE500028

Referenced by pspDebugSioSetBaud().

#define PSP_UART4_FIFO   0xBE500000
#define PSP_UART4_STAT   0xBE500018
#define PSP_UART_CLK   96000000

Referenced by pspDebugSioSetBaud().

#define PSP_UART_RXEMPTY   0x10

Referenced by pspDebugSioGetchar().

#define PSP_UART_TXFULL   0x20

Referenced by pspDebugSioPutchar().

Function Documentation

int sceHprmEnd ( void  )

Referenced by pspDebugSioInit().

int sceSysregUartIoEnable ( int  uart)

Referenced by pspDebugSioInit().

Variable Documentation

u32 sceKernelRemoveByDebugSection