pspchnnlsv.h File Reference
#include <psptypes.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _pspChnnlsvContext1
struct  _pspChnnlsvContext2


typedef struct _pspChnnlsvContext1 pspChnnlsvContext1
typedef struct _pspChnnlsvContext2 pspChnnlsvContext2


int sceChnnlsv_E7833020 (pspChnnlsvContext1 *ctx, int mode)
 Initialize context.
int sceChnnlsv_F21A1FCA (pspChnnlsvContext1 *ctx, unsigned char *data, int len)
 Process data.
int sceChnnlsv_C4C494F8 (pspChnnlsvContext1 *ctx, unsigned char *hash, unsigned char *cryptkey)
 Finalize hash.
int sceChnnlsv_ABFDFC8B (pspChnnlsvContext2 *ctx, int mode1, int mode2, unsigned char *hashkey, unsigned char *cipherkey)
 Prepare a key, and set up integrity check.
int sceChnnlsv_850A7FA1 (pspChnnlsvContext2 *ctx, unsigned char *data, int len)
 Process data for integrity check.
int sceChnnlsv_21BE78B4 (pspChnnlsvContext2 *ctx)
 Check integrity.