pspmpegbase.h File Reference
#include <psptypes.h>
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Data Structures

struct  SceMpegLLI
struct  SceMpegYCrCbBuffer


struct SceMpegLLI __attribute__ ((aligned(64))) SceMpegLLI
SceInt32 sceMpegBaseYCrCbCopyVme (ScePVoid YUVBuffer, SceInt32 *Buffer, SceInt32 Type)
SceInt32 sceMpegBaseCscInit (SceInt32 width)
SceInt32 sceMpegBaseCscVme (ScePVoid pRGBbuffer, ScePVoid pRGBbuffer2, SceInt32 width, SceMpegYCrCbBuffer *pYCrCbBuffer)
SceInt32 sceMpegbase_BEA18F91 (SceMpegLLI *pLLI)


ScePVoid pSrc
ScePVoid pDst
ScePVoid Next
SceInt32 iSize
SceInt32 iFrameBufferHeight16
SceInt32 iFrameBufferWidth16
SceInt32 iUnknown
SceInt32 iUnknown2
ScePVoid pYBuffer
ScePVoid pYBuffer2
ScePVoid pCrBuffer
ScePVoid pCbBuffer
ScePVoid pCrBuffer2
ScePVoid pCbBuffer2
SceInt32 iFrameHeight
SceInt32 iFrameWidth
SceInt32 iFrameBufferWidth
SceInt32 iUnknown3 [11]

Function Documentation

struct SceMpegLLI __attribute__ ( (aligned(64))  )
SceInt32 sceMpegbase_BEA18F91 ( SceMpegLLI pLLI)
SceInt32 sceMpegBaseCscInit ( SceInt32  width)
SceInt32 sceMpegBaseCscVme ( ScePVoid  pRGBbuffer,
ScePVoid  pRGBbuffer2,
SceInt32  width,
SceMpegYCrCbBuffer pYCrCbBuffer 
SceInt32 sceMpegBaseYCrCbCopyVme ( ScePVoid  YUVBuffer,
SceInt32 Buffer,
SceInt32  Type 

Variable Documentation

SceInt32 iFrameBufferHeight16
SceInt32 iFrameBufferWidth
SceInt32 iFrameBufferWidth16
SceInt32 iFrameHeight
SceInt32 iFrameWidth
SceInt32 iUnknown
SceInt32 iUnknown2
SceInt32 iUnknown3[11]
ScePVoid Next
ScePVoid pCbBuffer
ScePVoid pCbBuffer2
ScePVoid pCrBuffer
ScePVoid pCrBuffer2
ScePVoid pDst
ScePVoid pSrc
ScePVoid pYBuffer
ScePVoid pYBuffer2