pspnand_driver.h File Reference
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
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int sceNandSetWriteProtect (int protectFlag)
int sceNandLock (int writeFlag)
void sceNandUnlock (void)
int sceNandReadStatus (void)
int sceNandReset (int flag)
int sceNandReadId (void *buf, SceSize size)
int sceNandReadPages (u32 ppn, void *buf, void *buf2, u32 count)
int sceNandGetPageSize (void)
int sceNandGetPagesPerBlock (void)
int sceNandGetTotalBlocks (void)
int sceNandReadBlockWithRetry (u32 ppn, void *buf, void *buf2)
int sceNandIsBadBlock (u32 ppn)

Function Documentation

int sceNandGetPageSize ( void  )
int sceNandGetPagesPerBlock ( void  )
int sceNandGetTotalBlocks ( void  )
int sceNandIsBadBlock ( u32  ppn)
int sceNandLock ( int  writeFlag)
int sceNandReadBlockWithRetry ( u32  ppn,
void *  buf,
void *  buf2 
int sceNandReadId ( void *  buf,
SceSize  size 
int sceNandReadPages ( u32  ppn,
void *  buf,
void *  buf2,
u32  count 
int sceNandReadStatus ( void  )
int sceNandReset ( int  flag)
int sceNandSetWriteProtect ( int  protectFlag)
void sceNandUnlock ( void  )