pspsysmem_kernel.h File Reference
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
#include <pspsysmem.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _PspSysmemPartitionInfo
struct  _uidControlBlock
 Structure of a UID control block. More...


typedef struct
typedef struct _uidControlBlock uidControlBlock


int sceKernelQueryMemoryPartitionInfo (int pid, PspSysmemPartitionInfo *info)
 Query the parition information.
SceSize sceKernelPartitionTotalFreeMemSize (int pid)
 Get the total amount of free memory.
SceSize sceKernelPartitionMaxFreeMemSize (int pid)
 Get the size of the largest free memory block.
void sceKernelSysMemDump (void)
 Get the kernel to dump the internal memory table to Kprintf.
void sceKernelSysMemDumpBlock (void)
 Dump the list of memory blocks.
void sceKernelSysMemDumpTail (void)
 Dump the tail blocks.
int sceKernelSetDdrMemoryProtection (void *addr, int size, int prot)
 Set the protection of a block of ddr memory.
SceUID sceKernelCreateHeap (SceUID partitionid, SceSize size, int unk, const char *name)
 Create a heap.
void * sceKernelAllocHeapMemory (SceUID heapid, SceSize size)
 Allocate a memory block from a heap.
int sceKernelFreeHeapMemory (SceUID heapid, void *block)
 Free a memory block allocated from a heap.
int sceKernelDeleteHeap (SceUID heapid)
 Delete a heap.
SceSize sceKernelHeapTotalFreeSize (SceUID heapid)
 Get the amount of free size of a heap, in bytes.
struct _uidControlBlock __attribute__ ((packed))
int sceKernelGetUIDcontrolBlock (SceUID uid, uidControlBlock **block)
 Get a UID control block.
int sceKernelGetUIDcontrolBlockWithType (SceUID uid, uidControlBlock *type, uidControlBlock **block)
 Get a UID control block on a particular type.
uidControlBlockSysMemForKernel_536AD5E1 (void)
 Get the root of the UID tree (1.5+ only)
int sceKernelDeleteUID (SceUID uid)
 Delete a UID.
int sceKernelGetModel (void)
 Get the model of PSP.


struct _uidControlBlockparent
struct _uidControlBlocknextChild
struct _uidControlBlocktype
u32 UID
char * name
unsigned char unk
unsigned char size
short attribute
struct _uidControlBlocknextEntry

Variable Documentation

short attribute

Referenced by _start().

char* name
struct _uidControlBlock* nextChild
struct _uidControlBlock* nextEntry
struct _uidControlBlock* parent
unsigned char size
struct _uidControlBlock* type
u32 UID
unsigned char unk