pspreg.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  RegParam
 Struct used to open a registry. More...


#define SYSTEM_REGISTRY   "/system"
 System registry path.
#define REG_KEYNAME_SIZE   27
 Size of a keyname, used in sceRegGetKeys.


typedef unsigned int REGHANDLE
 Typedef for a registry handle.


enum  RegKeyTypes { REG_TYPE_DIR = 1, REG_TYPE_INT = 2, REG_TYPE_STR = 3, REG_TYPE_BIN = 4 }
 Key types. More...


int sceRegOpenRegistry (struct RegParam *reg, int mode, REGHANDLE *h)
 Open the registry.
int sceRegFlushRegistry (REGHANDLE h)
 Flush the registry to disk.
int sceRegCloseRegistry (REGHANDLE h)
 Close the registry.
int sceRegOpenCategory (REGHANDLE h, const char *name, int mode, REGHANDLE *hd)
 Open a registry directory.
int sceRegRemoveCategory (REGHANDLE h, const char *name)
 Remove a registry dir.
int sceRegCloseCategory (REGHANDLE hd)
 Close the registry directory.
int sceRegFlushCategory (REGHANDLE hd)
 Flush the registry directory to disk.
int sceRegGetKeyInfo (REGHANDLE hd, const char *name, REGHANDLE *hk, unsigned int *type, SceSize *size)
 Get a key's information.
int sceRegGetKeyInfoByName (REGHANDLE hd, const char *name, unsigned int *type, SceSize *size)
 Get a key's information by name.
int sceRegGetKeyValue (REGHANDLE hd, REGHANDLE hk, void *buf, SceSize size)
 Get a key's value.
int sceRegGetKeyValueByName (REGHANDLE hd, const char *name, void *buf, SceSize size)
 Get a key's value by name.
int sceRegSetKeyValue (REGHANDLE hd, const char *name, const void *buf, SceSize size)
 Set a key's value.
int sceRegGetKeysNum (REGHANDLE hd, int *num)
 Get number of subkeys in the current dir.
int sceRegGetKeys (REGHANDLE hd, char *buf, int num)
 Get the key names in the current directory.
int sceRegCreateKey (REGHANDLE hd, const char *name, int type, SceSize size)
 Create a key.
int sceRegRemoveRegistry (struct RegParam *reg)
 Remove a registry (HONESTLY, DO NOT USE)