pspsdk.h File Reference
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
#include <pspmodulemgr.h>
#include <pspmoduleinfo.h>
#include <pspthreadman.h>
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int pspSdkQueryModuleInfoV1 (SceUID uid, SceKernelModuleInfo *modinfo)
 Query a modules information from its uid.
int pspSdkGetModuleIdList (SceUID *readbuf, int readbufsize, int *idcount)
 Get the list of module IDs.
int pspSdkInstallNoDeviceCheckPatch (void)
 Patch the sceModuleManager module to nullify LoadDeviceCheck() calls.
int pspSdkInstallNoPlainModuleCheckPatch (void)
 Patch sceLoadCore module to remove loading plain module checks.
int pspSdkInstallKernelLoadModulePatch (void)
 Patch sceLoadModuleWithApiType to remove the kernel check in loadmodule allowing all modules to load.
SceUID pspSdkLoadStartModule (const char *filename, int mpid)
 Load a module and start it.
SceUID pspSdkLoadStartModuleWithArgs (const char *filename, int mpid, int argc, char *const argv[])
 Load a module and start it with arguments.
void pspSdkFixupImports (int moduleId)
 Manually fixup library imports for late binding modules.
int pspSdkLoadInetModules ()
 Load Inet related modules.
int pspSdkInetInit ()
 Initialize Inet related modules.
void pspSdkInetTerm ()
 Terminate Inet related modules.
int pspSdkReferThreadStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelThreadInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a thread with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelThreadInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferSemaStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelSemaInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a semaphore with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelSemaInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferEventFlagStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelEventFlagInfo *pInfo)
 Search for an event flag with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelEventFlagInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferMboxStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelMbxInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a message box with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelMbxInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferVplStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelVplInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a VPL with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelVplInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferFplStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelFplInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a FPL with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelFplInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferMppStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelMppInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a message pipe with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelMppInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferCallbackStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelCallbackInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a callback with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelCallbackInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferVTimerStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelVTimerInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a vtimer with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelVTimerInfo struct.
int pspSdkReferThreadEventHandlerStatusByName (const char *name, SceUID *pUID, SceKernelThreadEventHandlerInfo *pInfo)
 Search for a thread event handler with the given name and retrieve it's SceKernelThreadEventHandlerInfo struct.
unsigned int pspSdkDisableInterrupts (void)
 Disable interrupts.
void pspSdkEnableInterrupts (unsigned int istate)
 Enable interrupts.
unsigned int pspSdkSetK1 (unsigned int k1)
 Set the processors K1 register to a known value.
unsigned int pspSdkGetK1 (void)
 Get the current value of the processors K1 register.
void pspSdkDisableFPUExceptions (void)
 Disable the CPUs FPU exceptions.