pspsysmem.h File Reference
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
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typedef int SceKernelSysMemAlloc_t


enum  PspSysMemBlockTypes { PSP_SMEM_Low = 0, PSP_SMEM_High, PSP_SMEM_Addr }
 Specifies the type of allocation used for memory blocks. More...


SceUID sceKernelAllocPartitionMemory (SceUID partitionid, const char *name, int type, SceSize size, void *addr)
 Allocate a memory block from a memory partition.
int sceKernelFreePartitionMemory (SceUID blockid)
 Free a memory block allocated with sceKernelAllocPartitionMemory.
void * sceKernelGetBlockHeadAddr (SceUID blockid)
 Get the address of a memory block.
SceSize sceKernelTotalFreeMemSize (void)
 Get the total amount of free memory.
SceSize sceKernelMaxFreeMemSize (void)
 Get the size of the largest free memory block.
int sceKernelDevkitVersion (void)
 Get the firmware version.