pspidstorage.h File Reference
#include <psptypes.h>
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int sceIdStorageLookup (u16 key, u32 offset, void *buf, u32 len)
 Retrieves the value associated with a key.
int sceIdStorageReadLeaf (u16 key, void *buf)
 Retrieves the whole 512 byte container for the key.
int sceIdStorageWriteLeaf (u16 key, void *buf)
 sceIdStorageWriteLeaf() - Writes 512-bytes to idstorage key
int sceIdStorageIsReadOnly (void)
 sceIdStorageIsReadOnly() - Checks idstorage for readonly status
int sceIdStorageFlush (void)
 sceIdStorageFlush() - Finalizes a write