pspthreadman_kernel.h File Reference
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
#include <pspthreadman.h>
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Data Structures

struct  SceThreadContext
 Thread context Structues for the thread context taken from florinsasu's post on the forums. More...
struct  SceSCContext
struct  SceKernelThreadKInfo
 Structure to hold the status information for a thread (kernel form) 1.5 form. More...


typedef struct SceKernelThreadKInfo SceKernelThreadKInfo
 Structure to hold the status information for a thread (kernel form) 1.5 form.


int sceKernelSuspendAllUserThreads (void)
 Suspend all user mode threads in the system.
int sceKernelIsUserModeThread (void)
 Checks if the current thread is a usermode thread.
int sceKernelGetUserLevel (void)
 Get the user level of the current thread.
unsigned int sceKernelGetSyscallRA (void)
 Get the return address of the current thread's syscall.
int sceKernelGetThreadKernelStackFreeSize (SceUID thid)
 Get the free stack space on the kernel thread.
int sceKernelCheckThreadKernelStack (void)
 Check the thread kernel stack.
int sceKernelExtendKernelStack (int type, void(*cb)(void *), void *arg)
 Extend the kernel thread stack.
unsigned int sceKernelGetSystemStatusFlag (void)
 Get the system status flag.
int sceKernelAllocateKTLS (int id, int(*cb)(unsigned int *size, void *arg), void *arg)
 Setup the KTLS allocator.
int sceKernelFreeKTLS (int id)
 Free the KTLS allocator.
void * sceKernelGetKTLS (int id)
 Get the KTLS of the current thread.
void * sceKernelGetThreadKTLS (int id, SceUID thid, int mode)
 Get the KTLS of a thread.
int ThreadManForKernel_2D69D086 (SceUID uid, SceKernelThreadKInfo *info)
 Refer kernel version of thread information.


struct SceThreadContext __attribute__