pspsyscon.h File Reference
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
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#define SCE_LED_POWER   1
#define LED_ON   1
#define LED_OFF   0


void sceSysconPowerStandby (void)
 Force the PSP to go into standby.
void sceSysconResetDevice (int unk1, int unk2)
 Reset the PSP.
int sceSysconCtrlLED (int SceLED, int state)
 Control an LED.
int sceSysconCtrlHRPower (int power)
 Control the remote control power.
int sceSysconGetHPConnect (void)
int sceSysconSetHPConnectCallback (void(*)(int), int unk0)
int sceSysconSetHRPowerCallback (void(*)(int), int unk0)