guInternal.h File Reference
#include "pspgu.h"
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Data Structures

struct  GuSettings
struct  GuDisplayList
struct  GuContext
struct  GuDrawBuffer
struct  GuLightSettings


typedef void(* GuCallback )(int)


void sendCommandi (int cmd, int argument)
void sendCommandiStall (int cmd, int argument)
void sendCommandf (int cmd, float argument)
void callbackSig (int id, void *arg)
void callbackFin (int id, void *arg)
void resetValues ()


unsigned int gu_current_frame
GuContext gu_contexts [3]
int ge_list_executed [2]
void * ge_edram_address
GuSettings gu_settings
int gu_curr_context
int gu_init
int gu_display_on
int gu_call_mode
int gu_states
GuDrawBuffer gu_draw_buffer
unsigned int * gu_object_stack []
int gu_object_stack_depth
GuLightSettings light_settings [4]

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* GuCallback)(int)

Function Documentation

void callbackFin ( int  id,
void *  arg 

References GuSettings::fin.

Referenced by sceGuInit().

void callbackSig ( int  id,
void *  arg 

Variable Documentation

void* ge_edram_address
unsigned int gu_current_frame

Referenced by resetValues(), and sceGuSwapBuffers().

int gu_display_on
int gu_init

Referenced by resetValues(), and sceGuStart().

unsigned int* gu_object_stack[]

Referenced by sceGuBeginObject(), and sceGuEndObject().

int gu_object_stack_depth