PspLibImport Struct Reference

#include <tools/prxtypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for PspLibImport:

Data Fields

struct PspLibImportprev
 Previous import.
struct PspLibImportnext
 Next import.
char name [PSP_LIB_MAX_NAME]
 Name of the library.
u32 addr
struct PspModuleImport stub
struct PspEntry funcs [PSP_MAX_F_ENTRIES]
int f_count
struct PspEntry vars [PSP_MAX_V_ENTRIES]
int v_count

Field Documentation

u32 PspLibImport::addr
int PspLibImport::f_count
struct PspEntry PspLibImport::funcs[PSP_MAX_F_ENTRIES]
char PspLibImport::name[PSP_LIB_MAX_NAME]

Name of the library.

struct PspLibImport* PspLibImport::next

Next import.

struct PspLibImport* PspLibImport::prev

Previous import.

struct PspModuleImport PspLibImport::stub
int PspLibImport::v_count
struct PspEntry PspLibImport::vars[PSP_MAX_V_ENTRIES]

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