SceNetApctlInfo Union Reference

#include <src/net/pspnet_apctl.h>

Data Fields

char name [64]
unsigned char bssid [6]
unsigned char ssid [32]
unsigned int ssidLength
unsigned int securityType
unsigned char strength
unsigned char channel
unsigned char powerSave
char ip [16]
char subNetMask [16]
char gateway [16]
char primaryDns [16]
char secondaryDns [16]
unsigned int useProxy
char proxyUrl [128]
unsigned short proxyPort
unsigned int eapType
unsigned int startBrowser
unsigned int wifisp

Field Documentation

unsigned char SceNetApctlInfo::bssid[6]
unsigned char SceNetApctlInfo::channel
unsigned int SceNetApctlInfo::eapType
char SceNetApctlInfo::gateway[16]
char SceNetApctlInfo::ip[16]
char SceNetApctlInfo::name[64]
unsigned char SceNetApctlInfo::powerSave
char SceNetApctlInfo::primaryDns[16]
unsigned short SceNetApctlInfo::proxyPort
char SceNetApctlInfo::proxyUrl[128]
char SceNetApctlInfo::secondaryDns[16]
unsigned int SceNetApctlInfo::securityType
unsigned char SceNetApctlInfo::ssid[32]
unsigned int SceNetApctlInfo::ssidLength
unsigned int SceNetApctlInfo::startBrowser
unsigned char SceNetApctlInfo::strength
char SceNetApctlInfo::subNetMask[16]
unsigned int SceNetApctlInfo::useProxy
unsigned int SceNetApctlInfo::wifisp

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