ScePspUnion32 Union Reference

#include <src/base/psptypes.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int ui
int i
unsigned short us [2]
short int s [2]
unsigned char uc [4]
char c [4]
float f
ScePspRGBA8888 rgba8888
ScePspRGBA4444 rgba4444 [2]
ScePspRGBA5551 rgba5551 [2]
ScePspRGB565 rgb565 [2]

Field Documentation

char ScePspUnion32::c[4]
float ScePspUnion32::f
int ScePspUnion32::i
ScePspRGB565 ScePspUnion32::rgb565[2]
ScePspRGBA4444 ScePspUnion32::rgba4444[2]
ScePspRGBA5551 ScePspUnion32::rgba5551[2]
ScePspRGBA8888 ScePspUnion32::rgba8888
short int ScePspUnion32::s[2]
unsigned char ScePspUnion32::uc[4]
unsigned int ScePspUnion32::ui
unsigned short ScePspUnion32::us[2]

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